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Sudan: In addition to the states, there also exist regional administrative bodies established by peace agreements between the central government and rebel groups.


October 1964 Sudan Revolution

With the consistent protests taking place in the country, this has caused the ousting of Gen. Ibrahim Abboud and his regime. However, it is highly noted that the implementation of the said revolution aimed not to come up with a bloody revolution but to express the Sudanese dislike to the ruling of the regimes which belong to and imposes military totalitarian and dictatorship. What is really great about this 21st day of October, 1964 was that you will not hear people calling this day as ‘Revolution’ and ‘Uprising’. This is especially true in the Arab and African regions where Sudan belongs geographically and politically.

These days, it seems ironic that the Sudan, also known as the “Arab Spring” has also been known and marked as the popular 2011 uprising held in Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and Syria. All of these took place right after forty years from the time of the Sudan October Revolution in 1964. Right here, everyone thinks of the Sudanese people as the virtual revolution pedagogue to other countries and nations. This is a clear indication that the Sudanese people preceded other’s right after over forty years.

On this celebration, people who took part in this glorious revolution are being honored and saluted. This also holds true to those women who have joined in the revolt; Sudanese women who dealt and struggled untiringly with all the different kinds of oppressions which included flogging, imprisonment, arbitrary arrests, and rape cases which were done in the National Intelligence & Security Services of the National Congress Party regime.

This revolt was also a way by which the kangaroo courts and draconian laws ran by Abu Taira was made to stop. The people of Sudan have worked hard to stop the campaign of violence created by the security apparatus of the NCP regime’s police unit. All of these have to be stopped to eliminate crimes towards humanity and to help in the commencement of relief provided to the country’s humanitarian sector. Since the people of Sudan are very much deciduous and convinced that they must be freed from the NCP regime, they work hard altogether to encourage life-changing revolts in the country, whether NCP likes it or not. Moreover, the NIF along with its enormous denominations have also served as the country’s owl for more than twenty years, providing different kinds of oppressions to the countrymen such as bad luck, misfortunes, omens that plagued the villagers, nomadic settlements, hamlets, etc.

Hence, the so-called celebration in Sudan aims to give an important lesson. The influx of too many participating people in the country has put a great spark in the said Glorious Revolution which took place in the 21st of October, 1964. This day marked the unification of all Sudan people to get themselves inspired in the total eradication of the NCP through rebels and political forums. Without a doubt, the Sudanese people are worthy enough to the restoration of their beloved country’s heroic history.